Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Study Driving Course Helps Parents and Teens Enjoy This New Rite of Passage

High Point, NC — While teenagers look forward to getting their driver’s licenses, their parents often face this juncture of their children’s lives with fear and trepidation. Car accidents are a leading cause of severe injuries and death among teenagers all across the U.S.. Local insurance agent Tom Wiecek, owner of Paramount Insurance Agency, has been committed to changing that trend in the High Point area since he learned three years ago that a long-time client’s teenage son died in a car accident. Wiecek has dedicated his resources for helping families prevent similar tragedy.

His website, contains many useful tools to help parents keep their kids safe. He also writes a free monthly e-zine, “Driver’s Seat,” for which people subscribe through the website. Recently retired, Police Officer and Accident Investigator James Poer contributes to the newsletter.

Wiecek is also a charter member of the Society of Family Insurance Specialists which is a national organization of insurance agents that are committed to helping families protect themselves through education and insurance protection.

The Society recently released the Safe Teen Driver Guide that was co-authored by Wiecek, Officer Poer, David Evans, a certified driving instructor and other members of the Society.
“One of the most common reasons why teenagers get into so many accidents is that they just don’t have enough experience behind the wheel.” Explains Wiecek. Driver education experts recommend at least 100 hours behind the wheel before driving unsupervised. Driving Schools in North Carolina are required to provide 6 hours of driving time. With the high number of students in a class, it is very difficult for the schools to provide any more than the required time.

“Parents need to take the responsibility to provide their teens with more driving experience.” Said Officer Poer. “This new home study Safe Teen Driver Guide gives parents a tool that can help their teen experience the most common driving skills while being supervised.”

The Safe Teen Driver Guide provides a step by step outline of driving skills and practice exercises that parents can use to teach their teen to drive. “This time in a child’s life is exciting and should be enjoyed by the entire family.” Says Wiecek. “By using this guide, parents can spend time with their child and make this experience most enjoyable. Plus, it gives parents peace of mind knowing that their child is a safer driver.”

You can learn more about the Safe Teen Driver Guide by visiting, or contact Tom’s office at 336.869.3335 or 866.869.3335.

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